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APICS Golf Outing at Continental Golf Club

  • 07 Oct 2017
  • 7920 E. Osborn Rd. Scottsdale, AZ


  • Includes cart and lunch.
  • Includes cart and lunch
  • Includes cart and lunch
  • Includes cart and lunch

Registration is closed

Named by the Arizona Republic Scottsdale's "Best Inexpensive Golf Course" and by the Phoenix New Times the "Best Late Afternoon Golf Getaway," Continental Golf Club's beautiful Greg Nash/Jeff Harbin-designed par-60 executive layout offers golfers a private golf club experience at daily fee prices. Mature trees frame parkland-style fairways and well-maintained greens, with picturesque water features adding to the beauty of the course.

Tee times will be in the morning but exact tee times are still to be determined. 

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